Live and activities 
Every day at Houso Aygi is a busy day

 In addition to the selected professional path and college courses, the aim of Houso Aygi is also to provide a multilateral education - a vocational and social education and a home-style upbringing.

 Collaborating with NGOs and/or specialists Houso Aygi organizes additional courses both in the center and outside the center with the objective of developing each resident’s individual knowledge and abilities.

They arrange language and computer courses as well as seminars on the following topics:
- women’s rights, labor rights, trafficking
- health, body and teeth hygiene, maternity, sexually transmitted infections
- other social problems - ecology, time management, initiative, team work, intercultural communication etc.

Any free time is used for the development of:
- residents’ cultural knowledge - visits to museums, concerts, opera, cinemas, theatres, etc.

Discussions and exchange of thoughts are followed after each visit:
- residents’ vocational skills - some girls are quite skilled in knitting, sewing, needlework. They prepare different works which are sold at charitable exhibition and sales.

 All these initiatives contribute to the creation of each resident’s personality. The girls of Houso Aygi are mainly encouraged to perform voluntary work in the local and international NGOs in Yerevan.

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