"Alumni" Graduates’ Club

The club was founded in October 2012 with the purpose of maintaining contact with graduated girls and consolidating warm relations created during their time in “Houso Aygi”.
The graduates gather twice a year and elect a “board” of 3-4 active representatives.
The members of the “board” meet once a month. At the meeting they:
- update information about former residents /it mainly refers to those who need temporary help
- share ideas and wishes about the organized activity
- seek to create groups of active girls in every region.

 The graduates’ each visit is a joy and it is very pleasant to see how they develop.

The Graduates share their impressions

1. To have a profession, to become a part of society…
2. "Houso Aygi" helps me to find my way, to become independent and mature….
3. Here I have learned to struggle and succeed….
4. "Houso Aygi" has given me a lesson in life…
5. "Houso Aygi" is my parent, my family…
6. I say goodbye but my heart stays here….
7. I’d like to express my gratitude in the near future….


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