Selection Criteria 
Selection of Residents

The selection process starts at the beginning of April and the final list of already selected residents is ready at the end of June.
The direction of the program with the help of the local authorities/social services or mayor/ village head gets the list of those families where 17-22-year-old girls live and who have received a secondary education and have received a certificate.
With the capacity to accept only 20 girls each year, the centre mainly makes its selection among single parent family girls living in unstable conditions or orphans living with a guardian.
The project’s management visits each candidate after reviewing all the documents. During this first visit the following points are considered
- family life conditions
- abilities of the candidate girl and motivation to study.
Houso Aygi’s direction may perform its activity taking into consideration the problem of regional development and in this way facilitate the inclusion to the vocational environment at the end of study.
After this first talk with the candidates and their families the candidacies are reviewed and presented to the Foundation’s president for approval.
The selected girls are invited to Houso Aygi in July-August to take exams and meet the direction and “responsible mothers” of the centre. Then they sign the agreement of enrolment and acceptance of internal regulation. One more agreement is signed by the family representative during the first parent meeting at the beginning of the school year.
The duration is 1-3 year according to the chosen specialism. Girls live in “Houso Aygi” centre during their education. The Foundation takes care of the girls expanses during their education; food, tuition, additional trainings organized inside or outside the centre, pocket money and any other necessary expanses.


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