Houso Aygi (Garden of Hope) 
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YWCF was created in 2004 with the following objectives:

To help young women between the ages of 17 to 22, orphans or from single parent families, living outside of Yerevan in great financial hardship and undergoing a secondary education, to face professional and social challenges.

For this the Foundation :
- welcomes and supports them in the Center Houso Aygi(HA)for the length of their studies from 2 to 4 years according to the chosen orientation.

- ensure a professional education in various sectors, by sending them to establishments corresponding to their wishes and aptitudes: gynaecology-obstetrics, sewing, tourism and hotel, accounting and finances, secretarial, couture-design, hairdressing, beauticians, teachers, dental technicians etc...in harmony as much as possible with the needs necessary to the development of their region.
Participation of enterprises is very important to get trainings during their studies,
After graduation Houso Aygi helps them to find jobs opportunities.

- In parallel to professional education, students participate in seminars, work as interns in different fields within other associations, the final objective being to help them to become responsible, autonomous, independent and actor of the development of their village, region and of their Country.

Thanks to Houso Aygi’s multidisciplinary framework and its warm and stable family atmosphere our students gain real active life, completed with a cultural and artistic program (cinema, theatre,museum,opera )

Houso Aygi defines its activities in 2 main point:
- Responsibility and personal development
- Professional education.

Since its opening in September 2005, Houso Aygi has welcomed 71 young women.

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